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Globereach, a Credible and Trusted Travel Agency in Nigeria

  Welcome to Globereach Career Consult, where your dream of migrating abroad for study, work or visit can actually be actualized.  As a premier travel and visa agency, we specialize in turning your dreams of global exploration into reality. Our seasoned experts are dedicated to providing seamless visa solutions, ensuring you embark on your adventure hassle-free. We ensure your career aspirations are met with unparalleled service. Let's navigate the path to your next destination together. Globereach Career Consult is located in Lagos,  Nigeria. We combine immigration advice and visa procurement with traditional travel agency services. This includes helping you to organise flights and accommodation at your destination. We go a step further with travel insurance. Linking you with a trusted insurer will guarantee you can be compensated if something goes wrong with your travel. We also offer services that will help you study, live, and work in Canada, USA and most European nations if yo

How to extend your stay in the US after graduation

  By Olushola Samuel If you plan to remain in the United States following graduation, this guide on F-1 and OPT visa extensions can assist you in comprehending the available choices. It outlines several common options for graduates seeking a post-study work visa. The available options are: Practical Training on an F1 Visa Non-Immigrant H3 Visa (Trainee) Non-Immigrant H-1B Visa Specialty Occupation Non-Immigrant R-1 Visa Religious Worker Non-Immigrant E1/E2 Visa Non-Immigrant L-1 Visa Non-Immigrant Obtaining a Green Card Employment Based Immigration • Practical Training on an F1 Visa An F1 student typically has the right to engage in post-completion practical training for up to one year. This authorization, which commences upon graduation or completion of the course, may be granted for a maximum of 12 months. For students in STEM fields, this practical training period may be extended to 24 months. To initiate the process, consult your university's international students department f