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How to apply for UAE and Dubai work visa

  By Olushola Samuel The United Arab Emirates has become an increasingly attractive destination for expatriates worldwide. Opportunities are abundant in this diverse country. Dubai, at the heart of the UAE, boasts a vibrant, cosmopolitan culture that combines work with social events, a lively nightlife, and a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities for those working in the UAE. If you're considering living and working in Dubai and the UAE, here's all the information you need about applying for a Dubai work visa, including fees, requirements, and more. Expatriates who aspire to work in the Emirates must obtain a UAE work permit or work visa to legally work in the emirate. A work permit, also known as an entry permit, is a document issued by the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship that grants foreigners legal entry and employment rights in the UAE for a specified duration. The Dubai work visa, known as a Residence visa, is issued to foreigners once they are in the