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By Olushola Samuel

Nigeria, a remarkable nation in West Africa, boasts various distinctions. It stands as a prominent black-majority country globally, positioned in the western part of the African continent.

Individuals from abroad intending to travel to Nigeria will typically require a visa. This article explains in details Nigeria's visa application process. 

Who does not need visa to enter Nigeria?

Visa-free entry to Nigeria is granted for citizens from these nations:

- People from ECOWAS countries

Here are further instances of visa exemptions:

- Individuals who previously held Nigerian citizenship and possess a valid foreign passport, even if their Nigerian passport has expired, can enter Nigeria without a visa.

- Diplomatic or service passport holders from the following countries are not required to have a visa to enter Nigeria:

   - Brazil

   - China

   - Namibia

   - South Africa

- Holders of diplomatic passports from Turkey are not required to have a visa for entry into Nigeria.

- Holders of public affairs passports from China can enter and stay in Nigeria for up to 30 days without a visa.

Steps by steps guideline for Nigeria Visa application

1. Go to the Nigeria Immigration Portal's Home page. Click on visa application here

2. Find and click on the appropriate application form:

   - Entry Visa/Freezone Application Form


4. Click 'Submit Application' to access the 'Applicant details page.'

5. Proceed to Online Payment.

6. Choose 'Pay in Dollars' for payment currency and click 'Continue.'

7. If paying from outside Nigeria, you'll pay in US Dollars on an approved payment platform.

8. Take  your visa payment receipts, passport, and other documents to the Nigerian Embassy for your interview.

9. You can reschedule your interview by sending your Application ID, Reference No, and proposed date to

Types of Nigeria Visa and their eligibility

There are five types of visa issued by Nigeria immigration office and they are explained below:

Tourist or Transit Visa

A tourist visa is granted to foreigners wishing to visit the country for leisure and sightseeing purposes, valid for a maximum of 90 days.

For those transiting through Nigeria to their final destination, a transit visa is provided.

Business Visa

Foreigners seeking entry for business purposes can obtain a business visa, which is valid for 90 days to five years and falls into two categories: Short stay visa (SVVs) and Permanent residence visas (PRVs).

Temporary Work Permit (TWP)

Foreigners with specialized skills in equipment installation, maintenance, or temporary work activities can apply for a temporary work permit. Proof of a job offer in Nigeria, along with a work contract and acceptance letter from the employer, is required.

Subject To Regularization

Subject to Regularization (STR) visas are meant for foreigners fully employed in Nigeria, including expatriates, diplomatic officials, international students, and other highly skilled workers.

Official/Diplomatic Visa

An official/diplomatic visa is reserved for visits by statesmen/women, top government officials, accredited diplomats, and their respective family members. This type of visa is obtained through Nigerian Consular Missions.

Nigeria Tourist/Visitor Visa Requirements:

- Valid passport (6 months minimum)

- Completed visa application form

- Two recent passport size photos

- Invitation letter from a Nigerian host/company and proof of hotel reservation

- Proof of Itinerary - return tickets

- Proof of sufficient funds

- Visa payment and acknowledgement receipts

Nigeria Business Visa requirements:

- Same requirements as tourist/visitor visa, but self-sponsored business people may not need an invitation letter.

Temporary Work Permit (TWP):

- Valid passport (6 months minimum)

- Completed visitors pass application form

- Two recent passport size photos

- Letter of Approval from Nigeria Immigration Service's Comptroller General

Subject to Regularization (STR):

- Valid passport (6 months minimum)

- Quadruplicate completed visa form

- Four recent passport photos

- Expatriate Quota Approval letter (Ministry of Interior)

- Credentials, certificates, and CV (vetted by Nigerian High Commission/Embassy)

- Offer and acceptance letters of employment (four copies)

- Visa payment and acknowledgement receipts

Nigeria Visa Fees

The Nigeria visa fee depends on countries you are applying from and the type of visa that the applicant is applying for. However, many visa applicants will pay an amount of $160, $180, $190 or $265.

Proof of fund for Nigeria Tourist visa

Proof of sufficient funds to cover expenses during the stay in Nigeria, including a bank statement with the applicant's name and address visible, while obscuring the account or card numbers. A balance of at least $500 should be displayed.

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