Eight (8) Vital Reasons for Student Visa rejection

Reasons for Student Visa rejection


By Olushola Samuel

Acquiring education from a top-class university is the dream of every student. While talking about top-class education, the USA  is the top destination for international students. If you are among them who are planning to study in USA, then obtaining a Student Visa is important

Student visa for USA

The F-1 Visa is the most common type of visa an international student should obtain who wishes to study in the US. An F1 visa is a non-immigrant visa issued to those who wish to attend a university in the US. The process of applying for a student visa is a time taking, so, it is always recommended to apply early to avoid any delay..  

 Obtaining a student visa for the USA requires proper preparation and required interview skills as many reasons can cause its rejection. The US student visa rejection rate is now becoming high, hence you need to be careful with your application and interview. For those who want to pursue their higher education in the USA, we have listed some of the reasons for F-1 Visa rejection.

Reasons why USA visa application might get rejected

Here are some of the main US student visa rejection reasons :

1. Reason to return to a home country not strong enough

If you are going to the USA for studies, you have to prove that you are surely going to return to your home country after completion of the specific study. If you are not able to convince the visa officer of your return it will most likely lead to your student visa application getting rejected. Try to make it as clear as possible that your only plan is to study in the USA  and that you will return home after completion of your degree. You can clear it by letting the embassy know that you have a family, job and maybe some properties that you manage and require your presence back in the country.

 2. Not enough proof of financial ability to support yourself

You have to prove that you have enough finances to live while you are studying in the US. Your student visa may be denied if you cannot provide evidence of enough finances to cover the study and living expenses in the USA as listed on your I-20 or DS-2019 form. Financial evidence must show liquid assets. There is no requirement of liquid assets to cover your entire program duration, but you will be required to show enough funds to cover the expenses for at least your first year.

 3. If your university or degree looks suspicious

If the university you have applied to is not accredited, it may lead to the rejection of visa application. There may be many other aspects that will make officers wonder about the credibility of your chosen course or degree, and can also be a reason to refuse your visa application. Your institution must be approved by the Student and Exchange Visitors Program, Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

 4. If you have a family member already living in the US

If you are having a family member already staying in the USA, this may raise negative suspicion. Either you are applying for a student visa under a false pretext and your original plan is to move or that you will remain in the USA even after completion of your studies and pursue a career, with no intention of returning to your home country.

5. Denial Based on Late Application

Make sure to apply for the visa as soon as your admission to the university in the USA is confirmed.  The time your student visa application appropriately is vital to the success of the process. Your student visa for the USA can be rejected if you apply for it after the study program start date on your I-20 or DS-2019 form. 

 6. Submitting Invalid Passport

Submitting invalid passports is one of the common reasons for US student visa rejection. The validity of your passport should be more than 6 months from the date of intended travel. Also, make sure that your passport contains a minimum of 2 blank pages.


7. Other Document Problems

Forgetful applicants who do not submit a needed document, such as TOEFL or GRE results or confirmation of a scholarship or bank statements of the sponsor, may end up on the wrong side of the visa decision. While these kinds of cases may result in temporary denial on the submission of the missing document.

 8. Poor Visa Interview

The decision of your Visa application is directly related to the outcome of your Visa interview. This might include being anxious during the interview, providing unnecessary or vague information, failing to communicate properly with the interviewer, etc. Make sure you are well prepared for the interview so you can confidently answer the questions.

How to handle the U.S. student visa interview

The approval of a USA Student visa application is directly related to your interview. Here are the main points to consider while you are in your visa interview.

• Look professionally: The first impression matters the most, so be sure to wear business attire. A visa interview is a formal event and you should act accordingly.

• Keep answers to the point: Your Answers in the interview must be quick and include complete information. You may also need to prove that you have good English skills during the interview. This would make a good impression. If you choose specifically to study in the USA to learn the English language, you may ask for an interpreter if you are unable to answer in English.

• Prove your commitment: If your previous academic performance is not exactly high, you will be required to explain how you will succeed being a student in the USA. providing a Statement of purpose may help you in this matter. You must present the reason for choosing a specific university and course in the USA.

• Do not lie: Do not give unclear answers, don’t memorize the answers, and do not make overstatements. It is always a good idea to prepare a little before the interview, but the visa officer will simply focus on the general idea of how it would benefit you and the American university you have chosen as well. 

• Adjust according to your interviewer: Try to know if the interviewer is in a hurry or not. If he/she is in a hurry, keep your answers short. On the other hand, if the officer seems to be calm and enjoying the discussion, you can explain your answers in a few details, but don’t be more specific than needed.

Reapplying for F-1 Visa

If your student visa for the USA is denied, the respective officer should inform you of the reasons. Carefully review this decision. If your first-time F-1 Visa application was rejected, you do have the option of reapplying. Many visa applications which are denied the first time are accepted the second time around. 

Depending on US f1 visa rejection reasons and your consulate, you might be able to reapply for your visa once you have collected documentation to overcome the denial. Your Designated School Official (DSO) might be able to guide you if the reason is something related to your I-20 form and admission. If the denial is for any other reason, try to contact an immigration attorney.

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